The Fire Factory is a new creative passion, a duet created to explore fire and movement and to create multi skilled performances. Performing at festivals, weddings and other private or and corporate events.Click the image to visit the website.
A fantastic group of fire artists. Performing at festivals, corporate events and private parties across the country. Click on the image to visit their website.
Want to become a fire artist or at least give it a try? The fire school is where I learned many of my skills and I cannot recommend it highly enough. Click the image for more details.

Olly Nice is a professional cinematographer and he recorded and edited my videos. He has done work for the BBC and Ridley Scott amongst others. Click the image to visit his website
John from Anvil Metalworks has helped create some bespoke fire props and is a visionary for the development of future fire shows. Click the image to visit his website
Grace Gadston is an incredible photographer and I am fortunate that she has taken some wonderful photographs of my performances. Click on the image for her website portfolio