Thank you for reading my biog. So this is a bit about me...I have been a keen dancer since i was a child, I have been spinning and dancing with fire for over 12 years now and performing for 2 years. I have done the majority of my training at The Fire School under the gracious and competent instruction of Red Sarah and Toby Gomme. They have instilled in me an uncompromising approach to safety and reaffirmed my resounding respect for fire.

I have the privilege of calling myself a member of The Burning Belles, an all female synchronised fire performance group that illuminates the skills of fire performing that are so often a sorry second to the sexulisation in many routines these days. We have graced the stage of The Hammersmith Apollo and performed at cultural events like Walthamstow Hanukkah celebrations.

With the Belles I had the pleasure of meeting Noelia and we are now the Co-founding members of The Fire Factory a duet designed to create unique acts from a multi-skilled perspective. We have performed at such events as The Royal Albert Summer Festival, Away With The Fareys Festival and private weddings and functions.

I have performed with the amazing Fireworks Collective at festivals such as Secret Garden Party and Wilderness and this year we are on our way to Burning Man.

I work with a wide variety of fire props and am always striving to develop more. 

Currently I can provide routines with:

  • Aerial Hoop with Fire Palms and Fire Breathing
  • Fire Sticks - Eating, Body Burning, Teething
  • Transfer Sticks - Transfers and Vapours
  • Fire Fingers - with any ore the above tricks
  • Fire Fans
  • Fire Palms
  • Fire Breathing
  • Fire Poi
  • Fire Wings
  • Lycopodium Powder
  • Angle Grinding 
  • Stilts
  • Character Walk About

And looking to create in the near future:

  • Fire Crowns
  • Fire Sword
  • Fire Trails

I can create a routine or show to suit any audience and setting so please get in touch with any questions or ideas and lets get the fires of creation burning.